Speakers: Richard Teerlink
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Richard Teerlink


Richard Teerlink joined us May 4, 2007.  He is the retired chairman of Harley-Davidson, at which during his 18 year tenure with Harley, has served as CEO, President, CFO and Chairman of the Board.  He was appointed to the board of directors in 1982 and was part of the leadership team that led the revitalization of this American icon.
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In 1986, he helped guide the company back to public ownership and subsequently led the successful cultural transformation effort.  This effort was based on the premise that “People are an organization’s only sustainable competitive advantage”.  The process to bring this premise into reality is described in the book, "More Than A Motorcycle: The Leadership Journey of Harley-Davidson", which he co-authors with Lee Ozley.

Teerlink has also held key executive positions at Herman Miller, RTE Corporation, Union Special Corporation, and MGD Graphic Systems.  He serves on the Board of Directors of Johnson Controls Incorporated and Snap-On Incorporated.  He is also an active board member and participant in many privately held businesses and community organizations.

In 2002, Teerlink was inducted into both the National and Wisconsin Business Hall of Fame.  In addition, he has been honored by many other organizations including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Wisconsin, Association for Corporate Growth and the Sales and Marketing Executives, International.
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